Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative Company of Esfahan   Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative Company of Esfahan

Introducing the Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative

The Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative company of Esfahan province consists of the following parts,

1-The administrative part which contains 30 staffs in the Bill of lading Programming and administrative and Warehousing and shop parts and loading parts , is ready to load commitment for different  parts of the country. In the administrative part, administrative services is done for the members and it connected to Esfahan Department of Cooperatives, Transportation and Terminals Organization province, associations related to transportation, oil companies and Jey oil companies and other relevant organizations.

 Also bill of lading Programming in 24 hours of the day and inspection on the technical parts in exclusive terminal and preserving all of the related establishments.

Shop parts Consists of the two shops, one in the exclusive terminal of the company and one shop in the area of Shahpour Jadid st .

In these shops the antifreeze, Gris, oil filter, washing materials, brake and eating consumer goods and heater and all of the requirements for family (except cloth goods) are delivered.

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