Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative Company of Esfahan   Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative Company of Esfahan


This company was rewarded for being the best cooperative for more than 10 years and was rewarded as superior cooperatives of the country.

This powerful cooperative received the minimum commission for its contributed services to the members, such as, export bill of lading, freight etc and in addition to supply the costs of the companies staff, it was able to establish an exclusive terminal with all services to facilitate the conditions for the members , it also supplies a relatively big spaces from the near grounds for further development of the terminal and establishing parking place for the province Ghirkeshdaran Cooperative.          

And is the only company which is trying to house building , for its staffs and members and drivers , according to solve their house problem , and bought grounds for the mentioned persons and the company is now building 105 house , which its chief commission are most the company’s chief commission.

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